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Budgie Birds Information - Everything you wanted to know about keeping a budgie.


American Federation of Aviculture, Inc. - A national organization of aviculturists, with members worldwide. Promotes birdkeeping, education, and conservation projects. News and articles from Watchbird Magazine are added bimonthly.

Organization of Professional Aviculturists, Inc. - A nonprofit organization promoting the rights of aviculturists and the general public to own, keep and breed pet and aviary birds. Articles about pet bird selection, building aviaries, breeding pairs, animal rights, and legislation.

International Aviculturists Society - A group of aviculturists from around the world striving to protect, preserve, and enhance the keeping and breeding of all exotic birds. Educational information from excerpts from previous conventions and seminars.

World Parrot Trust - Is working for survival of parrot species in the wild, and the welfare of captive birds worldwide. Information about ongoing projects, on-line store.

Tropical Rainforest Coalition - Has an adopt an acre program established to raise funds for birds of the tropics.