Cleaning a Cockatiel Cage

A cockatiels cage and furnishings need to be cleaned regularly in order to ensure good hygiene. An aviary that contains lots of birds will need to be cleaned much more frequently as they contain many more birds.

A modern cage is easier to clean as opposed to a bamboo or timber cage. If you are looking to buy a cockatiel cage, get one with a plastic bottom that pulls out as a draw.

You can use your Hoover to clean up excess dirty, feathers and food that has dropped out of the side of the cage, the amount of food that will spill out of most cockatiel cages is mind blowing, you have to own one to realise.

You should soak the cage bottom in detergent for up to 24 hours. Clean the wire on the cage with a brush and water. If you have an outdoor aviary to clean, it is recommended to use a steam cleaner.

All materials that you have cleaned will need to be dried thoroughly and finally disinfect the cage with a popular disinfectant available from your pet shop or chemist.