Cockatiel Accessories

There are some things that a cockatiel will need in its cage, these include food containers, water bottles and cuttlefish bones. The best drinker to get is a plastic bottle that sits on the outside of the cage with its spout pointing into the cage for the cockatiel to drink from.

Keep the drinker clean by cleaning it regularly to remove the algae that grows naturally inside of it. Try not to place drinking water on the bottom of the cage as it can easily get dropping inside which could cause contamination and make your bird ill. The drinking water should be changed twice a day to stop bacteria from multiplying. If the water is dirty then the cockatiel could refuse to drink it and get dehydrated.

Get a small bathing container to place inside the cage, don't make the water too cold, room temperature is best and remember to change it everyday. It is so fun watching your cockatiel bath itself and flick water onto its feathers, once you see your bird has bathed itself, you should remove the bath to prevent the cage getting any wetter.

Clip a cuttlefish bone to the side of the cage for your cockatiel to trim its beak with, the cuttlefish also serves a good source for calcium and phosphorus.

When you walk down the bird alley in your local pet store, you have probably noticed the myriad of extravagant toys available to your bird. Do you really need them? While they may look like fun, the reality is they could take up too much room in your cage, if you do buy huge bulky toys for your bird, try to remove them from the cage and only introduce them at a set time when they can play with their toy.