Cockatiel Cage Location

It is important to place your birds cage in the best position you can. Cockatiels want to be around you so try to place the cage where someone will always be in the house, like the living room. Make sure the area you put the cockatiel cage is draught free and ensure it offers some shade for the bird. Unfortunately taking care of all of these considerations doesn't leave most people with many choices as to where to put the cage so you may end up rearranging your living room to accustom the birds living quarters.

Do not keep the cage in the kitchen as the temperature fluctuates too much and there are too many hazards if let out to fly. Bedrooms are usually too quite for the cage to be kept and a hallway is normally draughty, the best place to keep a bird in your home is normally always the living room.

In the living room the bird can hear or watch the television, the cage should be a few meters away from the television set and out of direct view, you will find your bird will enjoy listening to the sounds and watching the lights.

If you home gets cold at night, it is a good idea to cover the cage with a towel or blanket, ensuring that enough air is getting into the cage still. You can make a routine for the bird so it knows when bedtime is when the blanket comes up and covers the cage.