Cockatiel cages

Cockatiels need a large cage, the larger the better. At least a cage that is 65 x 50 x 45cm in size, so it can freely spread its wings without hitting the cage. If your cage is too small, the bird could become unhealthy and put on excess weight from lack of exercise.

The spacing of the bars should be narrow enough so the cockatiel can't poke its head through and get stuck. Having horizontal bars on 2 sides of the cage is good to let the cockatiel climb up the side of the cage.

Cages are normally made of metal for the bars and frame of the cage and a plastic for the bottom. Try to get a cage with a pull out bottom do that it can be cleaned quickly. On television you may have seen cages that are bamboo or constructed of timber. These cages should be avoided as they can house parasites and are difficult to keep clean, also the cockatiels beak can easily break through these materials.