You need to change the water for your cockatiel at least twice a day. Water is essential for the life of your bird and it should be fresh, clean, clear water. When you change the water you should also rinse out the water container with fresh water each time to ensure a clean drinking area.

If the water is dirty, it will aid in the growth of bacteria, usually coli bacteria that can cause intestinal infection. This is one of the biggest causes of death for pet cockatiels and similar birds. If you use a detergent to clean the water container, you must rinse all detergent off thoroughly as they can cause an irritated stomach.

It is documented that cockatiels can go for a few days without water in the wild, but this statement can be misleading. You need to give your cockatiel fresh water as over time water will create a sticky film on top, which is not admirable to drink, would you want to drink it? Always do your bit by ensuring your bird's water is fresh and clean.